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Medical Robotics

State Machine Serialization Language

SMSL is a data language to serialize finite state machine.

Integrated Medical Robotics System

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Real-Time Continuum Shape Estimator

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Simple ROS Comm

simple-ros-comm is a package developed for the users who need a easy and flexible communication method from a hardware (or software) interface to ROS and/or ROS2. The package is developed using C++ on the ROS/ROS2 side, and is language invariant on the machine side (the side that you want ROS/ROS2 talks to). It allows the user to create customized "data protocol" by editing how the transmitted string is encoded.


Simple Slicer Comm

simple-slicer-comm. This simple 3D Slicer script module enables soft real time UDP communication. Normally, multi-thread tasks are handled by CLI modules in 3D Slicer, because the software is single-threaded by design. CLI modules can write a read files as data input and output to 3D Slicer, so that delay can be an issue. There might be other solutions using CLI modules. This repository however, can be modified to be an unblocking thread so that single-threaded 3D Slicer has additional tasks processed in parallel to the main process.

Kuka Sunrise Toolbox CPP

kuka-sunrise-toolbox-cpp is a package developed for easy setup of Kuka IBR iiwa robot using C++. It is a packaged based on KST-Kuka-Sunrise-Toolbox, which is intended for Matlab users. The packaged has two parts: the Sunrise cabinet part, and the computer part. The Sunrise cabinet part is based on the original package, but has some modifications and additions. The computer side is based on C++. This package can be used as a submodule of your project. Simply include the cpp and hpp files. It can potentially used in other languages if a built C++ library can be called. Or, simply use other language and follow the same implementation method of this C++ package or the original Matlab package.


Mixed Reality

Unity-Slicer connector

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Alignment Task - Orbital Floor Implant

OrbitalFloorAR is a package for orbital floor reconstruction surgery. It is an alignment task, developed using Unity.

SVD in Unity (C#)

SVDUnity is a simple SVD implementation for Unity. It helps when deploying on Hololenses so that no external libraries and DLL files are needed.

Medical Imaging

Segment Any Medical Model

samm (Segment Any Medical Model) Accurate image segmentation is crucial for medical image analysis as it enables clinicians to extract meaningful information from the image. It also allows for the detection of subtle changes in the tissue or organ of interest, which is essential for monitoring disease progression and treatment response. Our project, Segment Any Medical-Model aims to develop an integration for Segment Anything Model (SAM) and 3D Slicer for future development and validation of the potentials of transferring Large Language Model to the medical image analysis field.


Autokinesis Data Collection Platform



  • aktrack-slicer repository for the UI of the autokinesis tracker.
  • aktrack-ros repository for the hand tracking module of the autokinesis tracker.
  • aktrack-goggle repository for the eye tracking module of the autokinesis tracker.
  • aktrack-screen repository for the visual stimuli viewing of the autokinesis tracker.

Autokinesis Data Analysis

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